Welcome to ALL-IN-ONE Electric’s 1st Blog Post!! It is exciting to have the opportunity to reach out to our audience, which includes our hardworking team, present and future customers, and all observers.  

We look forward to sharing our thoughts and keeping you abreast of any warranted electric subjects.

What can you expect from our monthly blog posts? We look forward to introducing you to our AIO family, passing along current electrical trends, inviting remarks from our readers, and so much more!

We Celebrate 20 Years In Business

Happy 20th Anniversary to ALL-IN-ONE Electric. January 9, 2021, marked 20 years of being in business. “This is an important milestone for our company, and we are appreciative to have reached it. We cherish our loyal customers who showed their trust and sincerity for choosing our service”. We also value our complete work force.

From early on, Rodney W. Jones Sr., president, and owner of ALL-IN-ONE Electric, recognized the importance of being able to build and maintain clientele. Doing so, would require his company to remain “attractive”, so as to get the opportunity, and once he gets the opportunity, to have the right “attitude”.  

He and his team embrace the saying “While future work is critical, the most important job is your job”.  He honestly believes that if they do their absolute best, on your job, “more business” will come.  

20 years later, Rodney feels that the mottos of “attraction” and “attitude” have had an undeniable impact in his company’s reputation.

He sends a special thanks to his supportive wife, Latosha, his valued customers, reliable staff, and dependable field members for making ALL-IN-ONE Electric’s 20th Year anniversary celebration possible!

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