It has been a long 2 years that ALL-IN-ONE Electric has been dealing with the disruption of the U.S. economy. The COVID 19 pandemic presented businesses and workers with unique challenges about how to conduct business in the midst of a global health crisis.

This problematic situation transformed AIOE’s agenda. When the outbreak was announced, Rodney Jones immediately went on guard against COVID 19.  Without hesitation, preventive measures were put in place.

It has not been an easy task, but the office and field personnel have learned to adapt for new COVID situations. While working on different construction sites, AIOE’s workers are spoken well of, as a group who set a good example of exhibiting pandemic awareness. Always displaying their PPE, they openly practice a variety of safe work habits.

Recently learning about another new variant, makes it seem, as if the future of construction and other businesses is unclear. Rodney feels finding ways to keep his employees safe and continuing his projects are paramount. It is also vital that he keeps his contracts on schedule.

No matter how difficult it is to live in a pandemic, we have to cope with the “new normal”. AIOE is categorized as essential, and we have to adjust to the present situation. This includes vaccinations, face covering, social distancing, hand washing, and much more. All are understood regulations to reduce transmission of this deadly disease.

Rodney recognizes that workers who believe that their employer provides a safe and healthy workplace are more likely to report for work during this worldwide plague. Clear communication promotes confidence in the employer’s ability to protect workers and lessens absenteeism.

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