Many years ago, some thought commercial air travel would never catch on or that man would never walk on the moon. The power of creative thinking can concoct solutions to all sorts of challenges...if we let it! Today, the explosion of electric mobility is growing worldwide. with the electric vehicle (EV) and electric bus (BEB), the charging market is following suit.

This surge in EV ownership has prompted airports to install charging stations for the convenience of eco-conscience travelers. And what better spot for EV charging than an airport? Considering airports are major transportation depots, attract thousands of travelers daily, and have a continuous turnover of arriving and departing vehicles, EV charging stations, TIA is replacing gas-powered buses with electric buses.

As the battery-powered EV proves to have no boundaries, Rodney is not left behind nor is he dragging along. In more than one way, his past EV charging depot projects show he is not an apprentice. He and his crew have a tract record of completing numerous electric charging stations. Among these charging depot achievements are Tampa International Airport (TIA), Hanna Ave City Building, the Center Cell Lot at TIA, Tesla's charging stations, and assisting and programming EV chargers at Moffitt Cancer Center.

The transition to being an EV-ready property is not always simple. In other words, Electric charging depots are the needs of today and tomorrow, and Rodney Jones and his AIOE crew are delivering expert charging experience!

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