If the technology behind the latest gadgets and gizmos is what makes you tick, if you love taking things apart, and understanding how they work.....and if you welcome a challenge...…then an electrical apprenticeship could be a great way to turn your passion into a profession.

An electrician apprenticeship is a program that someone goes through to get the skills and hands on experience they need to become a licensed electrician. One of the best things about being an electrician apprentice is that it's an earn-while-you learn deal. And as you gain more skills and experience, you can increase your earnings while you complete the four-year apprenticeship.

It's true that the apprentice benefits greatly from the earn while you learn program. However, he is not the only one who has something to gain. The employer benefits as well. The employers gain workers trained directly to the specification needed to perform a job and the apprentices gain specialized knowledge.

As a member of IEC, ALL-IN-ONE Electric is able to take advantage of the awesome apprenticeship program that they offer. Rodney Jones finds significant pleasure in being able to introduce his employees to this unique and rewarding program. He takes a personal interest in each student among his electricians.

At present, ALL-IN-ONE Electric has three apprentices enrolled in this educational program. Depicted in the above photo, from left to right are Luis Rios, Rodney White, and Tony Yedi.

Luis is our first-year apprentice. He expresses how excited he is about the opportunity to be a part of the apprentice program. Rodney, our third-year apprentice is the first of AIO's employees to enroll in the apprenticeship program. He is a student at heart and thoroughly enjoys what he is learning. Tony is our second-year apprentice. He often speaks of his appreciation for being exposed to this type of education.

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