It is hard and almost impossible to ignore the benefits that safety officers bring to any organization. These officers are like the law enforcement of any establishment. They know safety procedures and requirements and act "by the book" to ensure each one is upheld. If they see misconduct or activities that are opposite OSHA's regulations, they are aware that they could result in an accident or penalty. Therefore, they are the first ones to speak up! A safety officer adds value to any business.

Meet Miguel Comacho, All-In-One Electric's cherished safety officer. The above-stated paragraph describes him, our finest safety representative.

Prior to employing Miguel, Rodney Jones, head of AIOE, recognized he was in the presence of an attentive master electrician who has been in the trade for more than 20 years. He was also informed that Miguel is a stern reader and an in-debt researcher of maintaining compliance standards set forth by OSHA and state agencies.

Based on his past, there are many stories to be told, such as Miguel always takes heed to OSHA's guidelines and requirements. Not only is he a student with experience, Miguel also has prior knowledge of the safety officer trade. If an incident occurs on a job site, whether it's a major injury or just a minor issue, he believes it must be investigated.

Additionally, as a professional, he responds to all safety work incidents. Miguel explains that we have to follow all safety regulations, and they are there for a reason.

Rodney declares that he is very fond of his many years of association with Miguel. He admits that from the first day they met, he knew he found the right man for his company. He feels a good safety officer on staff is priceless.

Miguel states he enjoys employment at ALL-IN-ONE Electric and personally working with Rodney.

"Working day-in and day-out with power of electricity is not something we take likely. We can't afford to," says Miguel. He values and takes pride in his position that

covers a safety program.

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