The 21st Century has been endorsed by the technical or Informatic age. And straight-out, rightly so, because the information, by way of cutting-edge technology, can be accessed, presented, and transferred in many incredible ways, in a wink of an eye.

Rapidly the power is shifting in Mobility. This epoch however can also be described as the age of the EV. An EV is a shortened acronym for an electric vehicle. EV's are vehicles that are either partially or fully powered by electric power.

The shift toward mobility is accelerating. Records show it is too much for one company or industry to tackle alone. ALL-IN-ONE ELECTRIC, Inc is already plugged in. Rodney Jones is well aware that we are standing at the threshold of evolution in Road transport, and he is not left behind. Also, being a savvy businessman, he knows that EV Charging Stations involve vast environmental and societal benefits. In other words, EV Charging Stations are appearing to have no limits.

At the same time, the battery-powered EV car sweeps the country, and, ALL-IN-ONE-ELECTRIC, Inc Is ready and eager to assist.

Presently the AIOE Team is working on an Electric Charging Station for the buses at Tampa International Airport. Before this project, they successfully assisted with the installation of the electric chargers at the Center Cell Lot at the same airport. AIOE's previous Charging Station jobs included installation work on Tesla's EV charger stations, and they were also able to assist with the installation and programming of EV chargers at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Public EV Stations are a must-have for on-the-go drivers. An EV Charging Station is a piece of equipment that connects your EV to a power supply. These Charging Stations are fundamental for EVs, as they are what provide the "Fuel" for the vehicle, just like what gas stations do for conventional vehicles.

Rodney Jones feels great that he is plugged into this "Game Changer" in EV Technology. With no tailpipe, pure electric vehicles produce no carbon dioxide emissions and when driving, they reduce air pollution considerably. He states, "AIOE looks forward to the opportunity to assist you as you drive into the new age of battery-powered electric cars.

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