When the growing City of Tampa, Florida decided that renting separate facilities for various departments was no longer ideal, a decision was made. Instead of continuing to pay rent, they would build a new city facility.

It was a vacant warehouse on Hanna, an eyesore with the community, that City Officials set their minds on. It would be replaced by a state-of-the-art facility. The city held a virtual public meeting to share a new design rendering for the Hanna Ave project. Tampa leaders voted in favor to fund a new city center at 2515 East Hanna Ave.

And while planning for structure, city members wanted to make sure that minority participation would be involved in the project.

All-In-One Electric was the officials' choice. Rodney Jones is president of the minority-owned establishment. His company has a history of bringing electric lighting structures to life. AIOE landed the job and is committed to delivering exceptional quality labor and all that is necessary. These services for this project involve putting power to the entire parking garage and Fleet Service building.

This skilled electrical crew is also responsible for an additional design, which includes constructing an EV Charging Station on the same site. The public EV depot will allow electric cars to recharge their batteries.

Whether a building is a multi-story or unit building, or plans for something a little smaller, AIOE does whatever it takes to ensure the electrical and lighting plans are installed with precision and care.

Hanna Ave City Center is a neighborhood investment. Tampa residents and customers will enjoy improved access to government services, ample parking, nearby transportation, and added green space. Organizations and programs within the city plan to reduce barriers to employment opportunities and connect Tampa's youth to meaningful career pathways.

This significant investment increases efficiencies across the operations and brings the government closer to the people. They also represent a brighter future for all of Tampa.

Upon completion, several departments that are spread out around the city will be housed together under one roof. It will be a complex that will house seven city departments. Plans include 500 employees. The one-stop shop for Tampa should be ready to move in by the end of 2023.

All-In-One Electric, Inc, leader, Rodney Jones, has long had an entrepreneurial spirit which is one of the reasons, he welcomes this opportunity. He has also generated a sense of pleasure, to be a part of this Government-funded project.

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