In 2003, when All-In-One Electric was just a 3-yr-old company, Rodney Jones unknowingly stumbled on a project that would prove to be challenging and rewarding. It was an incredible and unforgettable endeavor.

The scope of the agreement was to restore the Tampa Theatre Marquee and Blade. AIOE was contracted to provide the electrical portion of the restoration to one of the most beautiful forms of advertising you could possibly imagine. It is an eye-catcher in front of this historic landmark on Franklin Street.

Because of the threat of demolition, the Tampa Theatre was getting massive attention. Tampa citizens could not imagine their beloved cinema being bulldozed. This well-respected masterpiece was the first commercial building in Tampa to enjoy inside air conditioning. The people rallied together and came up with a plan to save their theatre. The community was able to raise millions.

Upon being awarded the electrical portion of the project, Rodney quickly learned that historic building restoration is no small undertaking. Not only does this remarkable building require special care, but historic buildings are frequently full of surprises. And those can add up rapidly. He experienced significant challenges and persevered. This electrical expert successfully rewired and restored the Marquee and Blade. He skillfully completed the job and gave new life to the aging structure.

In recognition of the Tampa Theatre restoration, the city held a celebration including the mayor, news reporters, construction crews, and many others. With a flip of a hand-crafted light switch, the lights came on, acknowledging AIOE's job was well done. Rodney states, "Fittingly, the significance of the restoration of the Tampa Theatre's Marquee and Blade provided a stage for what really was our electrical historic debut."

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